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Modern vehicles demand dedication and a deep understanding. Audi a masterpiece of engineering with extreme complexity in design.

Specific diagnostics systems are in place to monitor and report on every aspect of your Audi. The JC Auto Group have invested heavily in these systems so you know the team expert mechanics, will offer flawless service on the extensive Audi range of models.

The Audi manufacturer specifies appropriate maintenance procedures for its range of Audi models. These guidelines are there to make sure that the car is at its optimal performance all the time and all possible issues are corrected as soon as possible. The JC Auto Group is experienced in complying with Audi maintenance guidelines so you can enjoy your Audi for years to come.

Aston Martin


Aston Martin is one of the world's most exclusive hand built performance motorcars... and is the classic car chosen by none other than James Bond himself.

The JC  Auto Group are specialists in service and repair for all your Aston Martin's needs. All our  technicians are fully approved, trained and licensed and this ensures that the latest information, specifications, technical support, and access to factory supported diagnostic equipment, are available for your Aston Martin.

Our experience on a variety of Aston Martin vehicles gives you the confidence to bring your car to the JC Auto Group.



BMW servicing requires an in-depth understanding of the vehicle, the engineering and the construction. With everything computerised it is of extreme importance that the service is performed by BMW qualified technicians.

Strict guidelines exist from the manufacturer on how these particular vehicles must be maintained. Every BMW is different and requires a different approach towards preventative maintenance. The JC Auto Group are the experts in BMW maintenance.

Knowing what parts are wearing down and maintaining the overall health of your BMW will ensure that you will continue to enjoy the smooth ride well into the future.



Right from the outset, Ferrari's road cars were developed directly from its motor sports experience - a heritage that few other manufacturers can boast. Ferrari has always represented a unique blend of elegance, exhilarating performance, cutting-edge technology and passion. Owning a Ferrari means you want the best, and the same can be said for when it comes to servicing your Ferrari.

The JC Auto Group has trained technicians who have access to the latest computer technology and diagnostic equipment. We ensure the highest quality of service, whilst understanding how to look after your Ferrari. We know what it is like to love cars and we cherish our customer's vehicles every bit as much as you.



Jaguar is in a class of its own and deserves to be treated in a very special manner. A Jaguar service is a precise science of electronical diagnostics combined with skilful mechanical workmanship.  It requires careful consideration and an understanding of the processes within one of the most complex vehicles on the market.

Maintaining a Jaguar is a pleasure – these vehicles are build to last and enjoyed. The JC Auto Group are qualified mechanics in the art of handling Jaguars range of vehicles.

We have the know how and equipment to make sure the repairs are equivalent to factory fittings. This results in a smoother operation and a longer lasting use of this prestige vehicle.



Arguably, the world's greatest and most recognisable supercar is the Lamborghini. We know you love your Lamborghini and whether you drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or a Diablo Roadster we know you want it fixed by an expert.

Strict guidelines exist from the manufacturer on how these particular vehicles must be maintained. The JC Auto Group have invested in all the necessary diagnostics equipment to make sure that every aspect of your Lamborghini is well looked after to the highest standards.

A Lamborghini deserves to be maintained by someone who loves cars as much as you... you will find that here at the JC Auto Group.

Mercedes Benz


Being one of the most luxurious and prestigious vehicles currently on the market, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle service is one of the most demanding in the industry.

Maintaining Mercedes vehicles is both our privilege and pleasure. Working on these state of the art cars gives an enormous sense of satisfaction. Quality of service in Mercedes maintenance comes from both knowledge and experience on working with the best of German technology.

The JC Auto Group's exceptional knowledge and ability when working with a Mercedes Benz, seamlessly maintains your  vehicle to the highest standards.

Nissan GTR


Nissan's GTR sportscar is a prestige force to be reckoned with. Being able to regularly maintain and service this incredible machine is vital.

Because your Nissan is built to such high standards, an equally high level of service is required to keep your vehicle running to original specifications.

We have a passion for everything performance and motorsport here at the JC Auto Group (under JC Racing). For those doing track days, we can tailor your service to include any extras you may need such as additional transmission fluid changes or a laser alignment and optimisation.

Give us a call to discuss your next pre or post track day service.



Peugeot is the world’s oldest continuous car brand and also the world’s second oldest car manufacturer. Our professional technicians know your Peugeot inside and out - as we own them ourselves.

There are different levels of service required for your Peugeot, depending on the model. The JC Auto Group has the expertise required as well as the latest automotive servicing technology including state of the art fault diagnostics tools, so we can identify and repair common problems that ordinary car servicing outlets can’t fix.

You can drive with the peace of mind your vehicle is being taken care of by a team who knows and understands your Peugeot.



Being top of the German sports car industry, Porsche requires a high degree of attention to detail and knowledge of technology as well as principles of performance engineering. It is simply not enough to be a good mechanic to be able to service a Porsche.

Porsche maintenance procedures are very strict and complicated. In conjunction with our technical expertise and advanced diagnostic skills,  give you will have total peace of mind when it comes to quality and reliability of the work performed on your Porsche.

The JC Auto Group strictly adheres to all specifications in order to provide the best possible service. This makes sure that your vehicle is capable of the output specified by Porsche.



A Saab service is unlike any other vehicle as it is unique in technology and approach. All Saab mechanical repairs are performed with approved parts and using materials specified by Saab ensuring that the quality of the repairs adheres to the top standards in the industry.

Well maintained Saab vehicles are great to drive and deliver peak performance, well after the manufacturers warranty expires. Preventative maintenance is the key of the success of trouble free operation of  the SAAB range of vehicles.

The JC Auto Group recognises that you and your car have unique requirements. It also takes into account your desire to enjoy high levels of performance, reliability and driving pleasure.



Volvo's unprecedented reputation for safety requires special attention.To maintain this standard well into the age of the vehicle, performing regular services and applying the 'preventative maintenance' approach, will maintain the vehicles optimal output and prevent breakdowns.

In conjunction with our technical expertise and advanced diagnostic skills, we use the latest high-tech equipment on all repairs and service to give you total peace of mind when it comes to quality and reliability.

The JC Auto Group will help you be proud of the vehicle that you own and will keep your Volvo on the road longer.

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